ifotos.in is home of techno artists who produce creative products by blending technology with art. Ifotos.in operates an online shop at www.ifotos.in and also, setting-up franchise stores under the brand name “De’ Galleria.”

ifotos.in product portfolio includes digital paintings, creative photo art and photo books.
Digital Paintings
Paintings are a common source to beautify the interiors, be it a home, office, mall, hotel or a hospital. ifotos is born with vision to produce genuine, durable, world class art at strikingly attractive price by using innovative image processing technologies.

ifotos has in-house artists, image technicians and the infrastructure to produce original paintings, digitize the same and print on number of media. The end result is a product that looks just as original. Our canvas paintings are washable and thereby, offer a greater durability. To fulfill the needs of diverse market demand, ifotos, has created paintings of various categories, themes.


Creative Photo Art
A smile happens in a flash… but the memories last forever. Let your walls showcase your precious   memories. At ifotos, we enjoy giving a perfect shape to your picture as much as you enjoyed clicking it. What’s more? The design concept is shared with you before it is printed by giving you an opportunity to get your canvas frame as exactly as you wanted.

Décor your walls… Cherish your memories…


Photo Books
Every life is precious. Every moment lived is even more precious. Moments go by, where as the memories prevail. Memories! Yes, memories help us to re-live those wonderful moments again and again that otherwise would bury forever in the past. Ifotos.in captures your precious memories in photo books with customized design that leaves that leaves lasting impression in your mind. Now, that makes ifotos completely different from all photo book makers.

Let your photo book speak of your good times…