Photo Books

At ifotos, we believe that every snap has its own story, meaning and purpose and therefore, produce customized designs. Designs are shared with you before it is printed by giving you
an opportunity to get your photo book as exactly as you wanted. Now, that makes ifotos completely different from all photo book makers.

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1. Collate Your Photos

We believe every image of yours is valuable and important. However, typically, amongst all your collection of images some would be very important. It is very essential for us to know those very important ones, which enables us to make the photobook personalized. Therefore, kindly segregate all your images into 2 folders, viz. Folder A and Folder B.

Put very important images into Folder A.
Put the rest in Folder B.     

2. Send Your Photos

You can use any free space provider sites to upload your images and share the link with us. (Remember to upload Folder A in original resolution and Folder B can be in lower resolution.)

Copy the link here
(If the links are more than one, separate each link with a comma)     

Total No. of images uploaded

You can copy both folders, A & B, on a CD / DVD.

Total No. of images

3. Select Photobook Size

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4. Review

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Photobook Size :
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